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5 reasons the Surface Pro 4 is fit for the enterprise

Sarah K. White | June 10, 2016
The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the clear choice of hybrid for the enterprise -- and for good reason. Here are five features that make this device the best option for business users.

Microsoft incentives

Microsoft knows the risks involved for businesses that transition to a new type of technology or for businesses that are early adopters of hybrid tablets. Budgets are typically tight, so IT leaders want to be sure they are getting the most for their money. Microsoft was a step ahead of other hybrid manufacturers with enterprise initiatives; shortly after the device was released, the company announced incentives exclusively aimed at businesses.

The Microsoft Complete for Enterprise program is tailored for anyone purchasing a fleet of Surface devices for corporate use. For the average consumer, you get up to two warranty claims for the Surface Pro 4 within the warranty period - but that doesn't make sense for an IT department purchasing a fleet of devices for an entire department. Instead, Microsoft allows businesses to pool all of those claims -- two per device -- and use apply them as needed throughout any device's warranty period. That means someone can break their device four times and IT won't be limited to just two claims. Beyond the warranty incentives, Microsoft also included a number of security features - including the capability to destroy a dead device on site, without the need to return it to Microsoft. You'll still get your new Surface device, without the risk of mailing back a hard drive filled with sensitive corporate data.

Microsoft also partners with resellers, like Dell, so businesses can order devices directly through them and still get the same customer support they would with a Dell device. It's also a great option for businesses that only want to deploy Surface devices to certain business units, and use another manufacturer, such as Dell, for the rest of the company. And once it comes time to upgrade to the latest version of the Surface Pro, Microsoft allows businesses to trade in old Surface devices for a credit towards the new purchase.


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