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Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD data plan: Don't be misled

Bill Snyder | Sept. 10, 2012
You know the old saying: If something seems too good to be true it probably is. That's the case with the data plan for Amazon's hot new Kindle Fire HD.

But you'll be hunting. Unless you want to pony up another $30 a month, and if you do that for a year, as I expect that many people will, you'll pay $410 a year ($30 a month for $12 months, plus the annual $50 data fee.)

I'm not saying the Kindle Fire HD isn't a good buy. I have yet to use one or read a thorough hands-on review, so I simply don't know.

But I am saying that Amazon's highly touted data deal is far from adequate, and the company should do a better job informing consumers of its limitations. If you buy a Kindle Fire HD, be sure you know what you're getting in to.


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