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Apple Magic Mouse 2 review: Mouse unable to conjure up any innovation

Roman Loyola | Oct. 21, 2015
With a lack of input innovations, what does the future hold for the mouse on a Mac?

Could the Magic Mouse 2 support Force Touch? Probably not in its current state. I don’t know what it would take to implement force touch sensors underneath the top the Magic Mouse, but I’m sure it’s not a trivial task.

Apple has a pattern of not implementing new features in older devices in order to get people to adopt the new device. The lack of Force Touch in the Magic Mouse 2 could be both a difficult thing to do and a way to get people to switch to a Magic Trackpad 2. True, Force Touch isn’t necessary for using your Mac. But I won't be surprised if Apple ever introduces a vital interface element that requires a trackpad, forcing people to at least introduce a trackpad alongside a mouse and keyboard. (Maybe you already do this if you’re a MacBook user.)

magic mouse 2 apple mouse 
Apple's Magic Mouse 2 (bottom) and the last wired mouse Apple made, the Apple Mouse (top). Credit: Roman Loyola

Bottom line

I think we can agree that input devices might be the most personal parts of a personal computer. Therefore, opinions about input devices like mice are highly subjective, and my reasons for not liking Apple mice are a matter of taste and how they fit my personal ergonomics and way I use a mouse. (As a matter of perspective, my favorite mouse is the Logitech Performance MX.)

That being said, I think I can be objective in evaluating the Magic Mouse 2; after all, I reviewed the original Magic Mouse and wrote that it “successfully combines design and usability.” That still holds true with the Magic Mouse 2: It has a stylish design (maybe dated?) that works for a lot of people. If you’re a current Magic Mouse user, is the rechargeable battery enough for you to upgrade? Yes, if you’re highly conscious about the environment. Otherwise, there’s nothing about the $79(!) Magic Mouse 2 in terms of user input that makes it a must-have.


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