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Battles of the tech heavyweights

Ross O. Storey | July 13, 2009
Search engines, operating systems and enterprise communication

Apples and Berries

Apple vs BlackberryThis latest bout has led to some very interesting advertising exchanges, with Blackberry kicking it off here and Apple serving it right back here.

The Apple camp has the very cool design factor in their favour, but they still have to win enterprise hearts and minds relating to issues such as security and employee access policies.

When you remember that Nokia started out as a timber company, its hardly surprising to see companies evolve and morph into completely different entities so who really knows what the world several decades hence will think, when the names Microsoft, Google, iPhone and Blackberry are mentioned.  Perhaps citizens of this near future will be using a Micro-Goog BlackApphone? 

Ross O. Storey, currently the Managing Editor of Fairfax Business Media Asia, is responsible for the editorial content and production of MIS Asia, CIO Asia, Computerworld Singapore and Computerworld Malaysia magazines.  


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