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BlackBerry’s enterprise strategy in Asia

Zafar Anjum | March 28, 2013
In this exclusive interview with MIS Asia, Scott Totzke, senior vice president for BlackBerry Security, talks about the smartphone maker’s enterprise strategy, the effect of BYOD and regaining market share in Asia.

How does BlackBerry see the mobile computing industry evolving in the next 12 months? Will developments in Asia Pacific be different from other parts of the world? If yes, how?

I believe we are at an inflection point where we are going to see an even faster change in innovation. If you look at where we are with mobile computing today, we're just at the starting point and perhaps over the next 12 to 18 months, the definition of mobility is really going to change.

Today we think of it as just a smartphone or a tablet but it is not a stretch to think that there is a whole integration that could work as we move forward. For example, your email is delivered to your car and read out through your speaker system, or when you have a meeting, it'll show up in your GPS so you can easily navigate there. Obviously the focal point will still be smartphones and tablets but 12 months from now we are going to be talking about a whole different set of diverse end points.

I also don't see much difference between AP and the rest of the world. There are specifics in applications, like China having its own social networks, but that's still just a variant of what we see with social networks. All of that ties to the same themes of mobility, communication and collaboration, which is what we're about at BlackBerry.

As networks evolve with regional or global tools we've got a platform that we can build on to serve those needs.


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