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Bought a new iPad?

Zafar Anjum | March 13, 2012
Here’s what you should do with your new device to keep your data safe.

According to reports, Apple sold about one million new iPads on the day of its launch. News is that there will be two to three weeks delay in shipping any new iPads.

However, if you have already bought one, or planning to have one for yourself soon, here is some good advice from Axelle Apvrille, senior mobile anti-virus researcher at Fortinet:

1.       If connected to 3G: keep an eye on your subscription bill, in particular related to sending SMS or Internet usage. This is what mobile malware use the most, so if something is wrong, check your apps and report any issue to AV vendors and/or your operator. Suspicious samples can be sent for analysis to 

2.       Don't have your passwords stored by the browser. Rather, use a well-known/well-rated password safe application.

3.       Do not let applications use your current location or any other private data, unless you really want them to use the information. The less information you grant, the less risky it is.

4.       Don't jailbreak your iPad, unless you strictly need a jailbroken app or feature. If you do jailbreak it, be sure to change the root password.


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