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Hot news flash! Increased mobility ahead

Anushkar Mohinani | April 28, 2011
Mobility, video and security are going to be areas of blazing development and adoption in 2011.

One area that has deserved close attention is the unpredictable pattern of network usage due to the mobile nature of the workforce. Thus, enterprises need to look at network solution that is scalable from day one. This entails planning, prediction, optimisation and troubleshooting et cetera of the network infrastructure over time.

In addition, enterprises need to be circumspect in the level of IT transformation within the organisation. There is increasing need to understand the workflow of the enterprise and the mapping of right mobility solution to streamline and enhance the entire process.

Another area concerns the interoperability between different technologies and different information systems. Furthermore, enterprises need to constantly evaluate the merit of the network in terms of its life span against obsolescence. This is to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprises’ business against network migration and upgrade. At Motorola Solutions, we strongly believe in the delivery of such a complete and interoperable solution and have always incorporated the critical needs of our customers into our solution development and delivery.

For what do you think 2011will be best remembered?
IT executives will continue to be prudent in terms of the overall IT spend; thus, they are likely to look at areas that will maximise their ROI against their IT investment.

Of critical importance in terms of ROI to IT executives, are the areas that are targeted at helping to increase productivity and efficiency across the enterprise. Workforce or field mobility is one key area that will improve tremendously the productivity and efficiency at the enterprise level; hence, we expect to see the increase focus in the tools that could help transform the IT landscape. Mobile computing devices such as ES400 and MC65 are examples of such tools that would help in the enterprise IT transformation in 2011.

Which attributes of senior IT executives do you think will be needed most this year?
As IT deployment gets more complex, it encompasses multiple disciplines and technologies such as software (OS, database, applications, etc.), networks, telecommunications, wireless, et cetera. Thus, IT executives who are well-versed in multi-disciplines and multiple technologies are best positioned to ride the wave of convergence.

How do you think 2011 will be different from 2010 relating to management strategy, approaches to IT infrastructure, IT budget spending and business confidence?

Streamlining has long been the buzzword for the enterprises as they continually look towards increasing efficiencies across the enterprise to improve the bottom-line. Thus, we expect to continue to see an increase in reliance on information technology to improve efficiency and productivity for the workforce. At the same time, management would continue to be very careful in their IT investments. We may not see significant reduction in terms of IT investment; however, management would be extremely careful in choosing the right partner to work with as they deploy their system.

What issues do you see confronting enterprises across Asia throughout 2011?


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