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iPad mini 5 release date, specs, new features & UK price rumours

Ashleigh Allsopp | June 23, 2016
Given the rumours around other Apple products, we expect the iPad mini 5 to come out in September 2016, alongside or just after the product launch of the Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 7-line.

It's possible, but we haven't yet heard anything to back up the theory that Apple is tearing up its old design manuals and starting from scratch. Early hints suggest that, as before, we could be looking at a more conservative redesign and gentle, less noticeable improvements.

iPad mini 5 rumours

Thinner design

So far, speculation suggests that the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5 will be even thinnerthan their predecessors (which are already an incredible 6.1mm), at just 5mm. It's certainly possible - the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets are already 5.6mm thick, but we're not sure it's entirely necessary.

7000-series aluminium chassis

The iPad mini 5 could also have a different chassis, this time made with 7000-series aluminium like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to make it more durable, particularly if it is indeed thinner to help prevent the tablet from bending.

iPad mini 5 rumours: What new features will the iPad mini 5 have?

It's believed that the 3D Touch pressure-sensitive screen tech which Apple currently deploys in its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only isn't ready to make the move to the iPad line - observers contend that it won't pop up in a spring iPad Air 3 launch - but we think this is only a matter of time. It's possible this would be something Apple can roll out in the mini 5 in the autumn, but we may have to wait until a future update.

iPad mini 5 rumours: 3D Touch

Cult of Mac is among the sites to predict that the next generation of iPads - the iPad Air 3 primarily, but any changes are sure to make it across to the mini line-up when they are next refreshed - could be waterproof and dust-resistant.

For more thoughts on new features to expect in the iPad mini 5, be sure to check our (regularly updated) roundup of iOS 10 rumours and leaks; unless it comes out by summer (which is highly unlikely) the iPad mini 5 will come with iOS 10 pre-installed, and this is sure to add a raft of new features and some tweaks to the interface design.

With iOS 10, we see the inclusion of a few rumoured features to be included, such as Dark Mode. A way of using your iOS device, in this case the iPad mini 5 with a dark background and not the default white background found on devices today. Be sure to check our dedicated iOS rumours and leaks article for the latest iOS 10 developments. Despite the Dark Mode feature not announced at WWDC 2016, we might see it included at a later date.


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