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Is the office desk phone obsolete?

Sharon Florentine | Oct. 16, 2015
The increasing prevalence of texting, video calls, collaboration apps like Slack and Yammer, and millennials' preference for mobile devices all seem to point to the death of the office phone as we know it. But research shows the office phone isn't quite dead yet.

"Effective communication builds strong relationships, and those relationships are the basis for strong sales. Businesses could be potentially losing revenue due to the communication methods of their staff," he said in the statement.

A multi-modal communications strategy that includes landline phones is key if businesses are to maintain effective communication and adapt to the changing needs of their workforce and their customers, Peterson says.

"Our research shows that 91 percent of workers believe phone calls are still an important mode of communication for business purposes, so the office phone's still hanging in there. But businesses will have to create a strategy that includes all different modes, that allows a user to move seamlessly between them, and that is device-agnostic, because how workers communicate should be their choice," Peterson says.


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