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Kindle Fire vs. iPad: The battle at home may hurt your iPad at work

Galen Gruman | Sept. 12, 2012
The and Apple iTune-centered ecosystems will battle over content for the home, with repercussions that go far beyond

Email BYOD might survive if the Kindle Fire supports corporate-class Exchange policies, allowing employees to access messages while working from home on the Fire, not just on the iPad and Android tablets. But should the Fire displace iPads in sigificant numbers, its lack of business apps -- a market has shown no interest in -- would nonetheless push tablets as a class away from business usage, as well as lessen the duality of personal and business access that characterizes the iPad.

Plus, there are many IT organizations that would love it if the BYOD concept became restricted to email access, as that would contain their (mainly unfounded) security fears and also let them justify keeping out the deeper strength of the iPad: its universe of applications.

In other words, tablet BYOD could be an unintentional casualty of the war on the entertainment front. If truly delivers (the hardware this time looks good, but the software might still be bad, for example, and the lock-screen ads are yucky), Apple doesn't bolster its tablet, and users start to shift away from the iPad. They're all big "if"s, but plausible enough to contemplate.


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