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Let's put to rest any doubt Apple can't innovate

Scot Finnie | Sept. 25, 2017
The upcoming iPhone X adds screen size, resolution and pixels per inch in a package that’s 18% smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus.

For me, however, only a bigger screen will do. I plan to give the iPhone X a very close look when it arrives on Nov. 3. But I may well stick with my iPhone 6S Plus. If the new 8 Plus had facial recognition, I might be swayed to migrate to it. But there is a new drawback to consider: all that glass and stainless steel make the 8 Plus noticeably heavier than its predecessors.

The numbers that have convinced me the most to stand pat are the ones with dollar signs in front of them: $950 for the 8 Plus and $1150 for the iPhone X (equipped as I would need them to be, with 256GB of RAM).

Innovation, it seems, is costly. If the iPhone X's new design works for you, it's a price worth paying. If not, perhaps Apple will get it "right" on the next go around.


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