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New fifth-gen Apple TV 2016 release date & features rumours

Karen Haslam | June 23, 2016
2015's fourth-gen Apple TV - the first Apple TV device to allow users to install apps - was unveiled by Apple at the iPhone 6s launch event on 9 September 2015, and was available to buy from 26 October 2015. But we're already looking ahead to the next, fifth-gen (5G) Apple TV.

(Speaking of the Remote app, did you know that there's a SiriMote app that's been designed to let you control your Mac with an Apple TV Siri Remote? You'll be able to use the app and Siri Remote together to control playback on your Mac, but accordingto Apple Insider the setup is difficult. The app is free and works with El Capitan. You can download it from Eternal Storms at

One last thing Apple didn't mention, but has since come to light in Apple support documents, is that the requirement for Siri Remote compatibility for Apple TV games has been relaxed. That means they can focus on MFi game controllers, which are much more game-friendly than the Siri remote. 

New Apple TV release date: 10th-anniversary Apple TV

Looking again at those launch dates above, we feel like the looming tenth anniversary of the Apple TV might be a tempting occasion for a big update. Apple tends to dislike historical wallowing - famously refusing to build a museum in its new headquarters because "we're focused on the future, not the past" - but there is a precendent for an anniversary product in the form of the Twentieth Anniversary Mac.

New Apple TV 2016 release date rumours: Apple TV streaming service

Rumours that Apple will launch a TV streaming service have been long running - we have a separate article about Apple's streaming service plans here.

Unfortunately, for anyone who was looking forward to the launch of the service, it sounds like that will be further delayed as Apple continues to negotiate with the TV networks in the US.

The December 2015 report from Bloomberg claims that Apple is putting its plans for the streaming service on hold because the cable companies and networks are proving too resistant to the idea.

New Apple TV 2016 release date rumours

In fact Apple may ditch the idea altogether, focusing instead on offering the tvOS platform for media companies to sell their content directly to consumers via the App Store, states the Bloomberg report.

According to Bloomberg, the reason for the resistance is Apple's demand for content at a price that the networks aren't happy with.

CBS CEO Les Moonves, who has often commented on the rumoured service, has also claimed that Apple has put the streaming service plans "on hold", according to Bloomberg.

Previously Moonves had hinted that the rumoured Apple TV steaming service would arrive in 2015. The revelation came during an earlier interview with Bloomberg TV in which he suggested his company would soon come to an arrangement with Apple.


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