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New iPad Air 3 release date & new features rumours

Christopher Minasians | June 24, 2016
iPad Air 3 concept video is everything the iPad Pro 9.7in should've been and more

iPad Air 3 design rumours: iPad Air 3 colour options

Like the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, we'd expect the iPad Air 3 to be available in four colours: silver, gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold.

iPad Air 3 release date rumours: Colour options

Every year someone suggests that the next iPad will come in the bright primary colours of the iPhone 5c and every year that person is disappointed. We don't expect the iPad Air 3 to be particularly colourful (except for the two fairly muted gold finishes).

iPad Air 3 design rumours: Concept showcases everything iPad Air 3 should be

Although we've not seen many leaks for the iPad Air 3, the latest concept video to hit the Internet showcases everything that the unannounced tablet should feature - Smart connector, a flush camera and, more importantly, 3D Touch support. Apart from that, the concept tablet looks similar to the iPad Pro 9.7in but with smaller bezels at the sides of the display.

iPad Air 3 specs rumours: Processor and speed

The iPad Air 2 got a new processor chip, the A8X - a souped-up version of the iPhone 6's A8. This has three billion transistors and offers (Apple says) 40 percent faster performance than the iPad Air 1's A7 chip in most apps and up to 2.5x graphics performance. 

It would be a big shock if Apple didn't upgrade the processor again when it launches the iPad Air 3, and it doesn't take a genius to predict that the iPad Air 3's chip will be an A9 or an A9X, and very speedy indeed. The iPad Pro 9.7in has an A9X.

One other thought based on the iOS 9 announcements: new multitasking capabilities are likely to be extremely demanding on processor power so a powerful chip wouldn't be wasted in the iPad Air 3.

iPad Air 3 specs rumours: Rear-facing camera gains LED flash

The iPad Pro 9.7in is the first iPad in history to feature a flash. This is attached to the rear-facing camera, but the front-facing camera also gets the Retina Flash feature, whereby the entire screen is induced to light up as a sort of substitute flash. We feel that the iPad Air 3 is likely to get one or both of these upgrades too.

The genie is clearly out of the bottle when it comes to iPad photography: as annoying as you find it when someone holds up their iPad to video a concert, the iPad range are being used as cameras, and Apple knows this. Just look at the hyperbole and feature list here. And a flash is a big gap to have in a device's photographic armour.


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