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RIM fuels enterprise mobility on the BlackBerry

Anushkar Mohinani | March 28, 2011
Smartphone optimised without compromising enterprise-grade security and manageability.

SINGAPORE, 28 MARCH 2011- In an effort to support the growing interest by enterprises for enhanced mobile collaboration, Research In Motion (RIM) has incorporated solutions to move the BlackBerry platform beyond messaging as a key business tool.

 "One of the ways the platform has evolved past messaging is through the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS) 5- a solution designed to unify desk phone features with the smartphone," said Arun Verma, platform evangelist from RIM in a media briefing at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands on Thursday (24 March 2011).

Verma said that the MVS 5, launched last year, "gets CIOs (chief information officers) excited" because it provides added business continuity by allowing the increasingly mobile workforce accessibility to enterprise calls. 

Verma also took the opportunity to highlight the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Express solution, which was also launched last year. The no-cost software is said to support the growth in work force mobility by allowing users to access their work email, book meetings, and access files on the company network - all on the smartphone.

Beyond mobility

 "The BlackBerry features are created with the enterprise in mind," touted Verma. He said that RIM garners information from its customers on key issues that their companies are facing, and thereafter incorporates solutions for the smartphone. Verma added that based on RIM's findings, security is one of the growing challenges companies are facing in the age of mobility.

"Indeed the key foundation of the BES Express is security," said Verma. It uses robust security architecture as well as offers administrators control, including the ability to remotely wipe a smartphone and enforce and reset passwords, Verma elaborated.

Additionally the features built into BlackBerry MVS 5 reportedly help to provide controlled, managed and secure use of the smartphone such as Wi-Fi network access controls and authentication to help ensure that only authorised BlackBerrys have access to the corporate phone system.


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