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Ruckus Wireless simplifies wi-fi deployment

Veronica C. Silva | July 28, 2010
Ties up with AirMagnet to offer WLAN design tool

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 28 JULY 2010 Organisations challenged with a better way to plan its wireless network for maximised efficiency can find help in a new tool that combines the technologies of Ruckus Wireless and Fluke Networks' AirMagnet.

The new network planning tool that emerged from the partnership, called ZonePlanner, helps network managers focus the wireless signals to a direction that increases throughput and channel capacity while also significantly improving reliability and range.    

ZonePlanner combines Ruckus Wireless' ZoneFlex smart wi-fi access points (APs) with AirMagnet's planning tools to deploy wi-fi and save on infrastructure deployment by removing the guesswork from planning.

The planning process with Ruckus APs is already simple because not only do we need far fewer APs to cover a given area with their smart antenna array, the APs automatically adjust wi-fi signals to real-time changes in the environment, said Brian Young, president of inVision Networks, a leading network solutions provider.

Combining this technology with a low-cost, custom planning tool radically reduces the upfront time it normally takes to plan a wireless network and this detailed level of planning really streamlines deployment and network support with complete reports, bills of material, and accurate placement.

Ruckus Wireless aid ZonePlanner is ideal for designing and estimating wi-fi deployments before any installation of APs.  

Its ZoneFlex AP integrates a high-gain directional smart antenna array that pinpoints the direction of wi-fi coverage where the signal is stronger for better throughput. As a planning tool, it can help network planners experiment on the layout of the wi-fi deployment. With the help of a map of the area, which includes details on doors, walls and windows, the ZonePlanner can help the network planner build a model of the network deployment. The tool can also take into account building materials, areas of signal attenuation, AP configuration and antenna patterns to provide a predictive map of wi-fi coverage and performance.  

The availability of ZonePlanner for US$495 inclusive of one-year free support was announced worldwide this week.


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