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Tested: The best Apple Watch stands

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Oct. 20, 2015
Which Apple Watch stand will win the place of honor on your nightstand?

Runner-up: Griffin WatchStand

Griffin’s $30 WatchStand isn’t quite as stylish as is the Nomad Stand for Apple Watch, but it’s half the price and twice as practical—at least when it comes to cord management.

The WatchStand is a black plastic pedestal stand that features a wide, square-shaped base (with a lip—this stand also doubles as an iPhone dock) and a slim black two-piece pedestal that attaches to the base via magnets. The top of the stand features a circular cutout for the magnetic charging puck. Installing the charging cable is easy, but a bit more challenging because this stand has secret cord-management built in. The pedestal comes in two pieces—an outer shell made of hard plastic, and an inner pillar made of grooved rubber. To install the charging cord, you’ll need to remove the inner pillar and push the USB connector through a small hole at the bottom of the circular puck-shaped indentation and out through another hole just underneath that.

griffin watchstand 2

This is where it gets interesting: The bottom half of the inner pillar features multiple grooves where you can wrap the charging cord around and around to shorten it as much (or as little) as you like. This is perfect for anyone (like me) who thinks that the charging cord is ridiculously long. Once you’ve wrapped the cord and shortened it to your liking, place the inner pillar inside the outer shell and push the remainder of the cord out the bottom. The base of the stand is raised on four large rubber feet, allowing you to have the cord exit from the back, front, or either side.

griffin watchstand 1

The WatchStand isn’t nearly as pretty as the Stand for Apple Watch, but it’s very versatile when it comes to cord-shortening and placement. Because this is a pedestal stand, it will only work with Watch bands that come in two pieces (e.g. not the Apple Link Bracelet). The WatchStand comes in black or white.

Best for small nightstands: JustMobile TimeStand

Just Mobile’s $40 TimeStand is perfect for anyone who’s working with a small amount of space. This aluminum stand has the smallest footprint of the stands we tested, measuring less than two inches in diameter. (If footprint size doesn’t seem like an important factor in your quest for the perfect Watch stand, wait until you see the enormous 8.5-inch CalypsoCrystal Timeless stand.)

just mobile timestand 2 

The TimeStand is a pretty, stylish weighted pillar with an angled top and a circular center cutout for the Watch band to loop through. Installing your charging cable is easy: Just push the magnetic charging puck into the rubber-lined recess on the angled top of the pillar, and run the cable down the side of the stand (the cable loops underneath the stand to exit out the back of the pillar). The cable is still visible, but it’s tucked neatly out of the way. The charging recess isn’t quite as deep as the charging puck, so about half a centimeter of the charging puck will be visible when you place your Watch on this stand.


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