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Tested: The best Apple Watch stands

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Oct. 20, 2015
Which Apple Watch stand will win the place of honor on your nightstand?

Aside from its small footprint, the TimeStand also has weight going for it—it’s fairly heavy and has a rubber-lined bottom, which means it’s not going anywhere (even if you yank your Watch off of it). The TimeStand comes in black or silver brushed aluminum.

Best for people who hate the sight of cords: Mophie WatchDock

The simple, lightweight $60 WatchDock by Mophie is elegant and well thought-out. This aluminum stand features luxe black leather accents and excellent attention to detail. Thanks to the WatchDock’s unique cord-hiding design, you’ll feel like the charging cable was built into this stand.

Credit: Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

The WatchDock has a flat, rectangular silver aluminum base covered in a thin layer of black leather. On the left side of the base, a slim aluminum arm snakes upward and curls into a stand—a small, angled rectangular panel with a round cutout for the magnetic charging puck.

To install the charging cable, you’ll need to first unplug your cable and loop the cord through the cutout, before gently pressing the charging puck into the hole. You can then hide the cord inside discreet black rubber casing that runs down the stand’s aluminum arm. At the bottom of this arm, you’ll find a removable rubber piece that lets you push the charging cord’s USB connector through the bottom of the stand. The cord then runs underneath the stand and exits through the back.

Once the charging cable is installed in the WatchDock, it will look like it totally belongs there. The cradle that holds the charging puck is exactly as deep as the puck itself—the puck sits flush with the stand. Thanks to the black rubber casing, the white cable isn’t visible at all until it exits from the back of the stand. Though the WatchDock isn’t the sexiest, design-wise, it’s clear that Mophie paid attention to the little details.

One word of caution: The WatchDock is more lightweight than some of the other stands we tested, which means it can be a little tippy when you’re pulling your Watch off of the charging puck.

Best for travelers: Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand

Pad & Quill’s $80-$110 Luxury Pocket Stand is the only foldable stand we tested and one of only two wooden stands in our round-up. This pocket-sized stand is designed with practicality in mind, and it works as both a charging dock for your Watch and a handy travel carrier for your magnetic charging cable.

pad and quill 
Credit: Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

When folded, the Luxury Pocket Stand is a little larger than a deck of cards. Unfold the stand, and it folds back on itself to offer an angled charging mount, complete with a cutout to loop your Watch’s band through. Installing the charging cable couldn’t be easier—at the top of the stand you’ll find a small circular cutout that holds the charging puck, complete with a small groove for the cord to escape through. The cutout is slightly larger than the puck (and isn’t lined), so your puck may jostle a bit, though it will mostly stay in place. Because this is a travel stand, there’s no clever cord-hiding solution—the cable simply flops out of the top of the stand.


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