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Tested: The best Apple Watch stands

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Oct. 20, 2015
Which Apple Watch stand will win the place of honor on your nightstand?

Best for those who don’t like stands: BlueLounge Kosta

Kosta’s $15 BlueLounge is technically not a stand—it’s a coaster (seriously, it’s literally described as an Apple Watch charging coaster). This silicone coaster lets you charge your phone on its side, which is, according to BlueLounge, the “perfect position” for Nightstand mode. (I personally didn’t even realize the Watch had a Nightstand mode.)

Credit: Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

The Kosta is a small silicone coaster about 3.5 inches in diameter, with a round charging-puck-sized indentation in the center and a slit along one side. To install the charging cable, unplug the cable and slip the cord through the slit (it’s large enough to allow for the USB connector to pass through). Place the charging puck on the coaster’s center indentation—there’s a magnet that will keep it in place. On the bottom of the coaster, you’ll find a cutout area for the extra cable and a groove that lets it slip out through the back. To charge your Watch, lay it on its side on the coaster and pop the charging puck up off the center magnet.

The Kosta isn’t the most elegant charging solution, but it’s simple and it allows you to use your Watch in Nightstand mode. Though it’s not particularly heavy, its low profile and grippy silicone material keeps it in place on your nightstand, even if you snatch your Watch off the charger. The Kosta comes in dark gray, light gray, and green.

Best for keeping your band’s shape: Just Mobile Lounge Dock

Just Mobile’s $40 Lounge Dock is the only stand we tested that features a cuff that you can wrap your band around. It’s also one of the only stands we tested that requires assembly with outside tools: Before you can use this stand, you’ll need to attach the arm/cuff combo to the base with a Phillips-head screwdriver—it’s not difficult, but it is an extra step.

just mobile lounge 
Credit: Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

The Lounge Dock has a flat, round silver aluminum base that measures just over 3.5 inches in diameter. Springing up from the base is a short, round aluminum arm attached to a black cuff. The cuff is sturdy and stiff, yet soft-to-touch, with a hole in the middle for the charging puck. Installing the charging cable is easy—loop the cord through the hole and push the charging puck down from the top, or push the charging puck up from the back. The hole is exactly the size of the charging puck, so it stays in place without requiring a cradle. There’s a small groove near the hole that lets the cord loop out behind the stand, but this stand has no cord-hiding properties.


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