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Tested: The best Apple Watch stands

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Oct. 20, 2015
Which Apple Watch stand will win the place of honor on your nightstand?

just mobile lounge dock 2

With the Lounge Dock, your Watch encircles the cuff and the band can be fastened closed to preserve its shape, which makes it good for leather and Sport bands. The cuff’s angle is adjustable, too, so you can display your watch at an angle or horizontal (or anywhere in between). The Lounge Dock comes in silver aluminum with a black cuff.

Best wooden stand: Dodocase Charging Stand

Dodocase’s $100 Charging Stand is an attractive, sturdy wooden stand with a small footprint: This stand takes up only slightly more space than the Just Mobile TimeStand, with a base that’s 2.25 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep.

Credit: Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

The Charging Stand is a carved wooden pedestal stand with an angled top, a square cutout for your watch band to loop through, and a weighted metal base with non-slip felt on the bottom. The angled top features a round cutout for the charging puck, and installing the charging cable is extremely simple.

dodocase charging stand 1

To install the charging cable, just push the charging puck into the round cutout and run the cord through the groove in the back of the stand. At the bottom of the stand there’s a deep indentation that you can push the cord inside so that it loops and sticks directly out the back of the stand.

The Charging Stand isn’t foldable like the Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand, but it does have a “travel mode”—the rectangular cutout is just large enough to fit your Watch’s power block. Place the power block inside the rectangle and wrap the cord around it to secure it in place and voila!—you have a portable stand that takes your power block into account. While the Charging Stand’s cord hiding skills aren’t quite as elegant as other stands we tested, this weighty pedestal makes an excellent bedside companion.

Best Mac-inspired stand: TwelveSouth HiRise

TwelveSouth’s $50 HiRise looks like it belongs in Apple’s family, with its brushed aluminum finish and its slim, flat aesthetic. This modern-looking stand features white silicone to protect your Watch’s strap and a cord-hiding panel. It’s also one of the only stands we tested that required assembly, though the hexagonal screwdriver needed was included in the box.

twelve south 2 
Credit: Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

The HiRise features a large, flat aluminum base with a flat, rectangular stand sticking out of it at an angle. The stand has a silicone-lined hole for the magnetic charging puck, as well as a silicone-lined cutout for the Watch strap to loop through. The top of the stand is also edged in silicone, so your Watch strap is never resting on pure metal. Installing the charging cable is easy—you can push the puck through the hole from the back of the stand. On the backside of the stand, there’s a groove that trails down and continues along the base for the cord. Once you push the cord into that groove, there’s a removable leather-covered panel that pops onto the base so the cord is virtually invisible.


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