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The first iPad in Singapore?

Ross O. Storey | April 14, 2010
Lion City consultant gloats about having the iPad in his hot little hands.

Such is the fascination with Apples new Ipad that one Singapore consultant has claimed to be one of the first people in Singapore to have taken delivery of this latest digital phenomenon.

I had to chuckle to myself at the cheekiness of this PR approach, but here I am writing about it, so I guess it worked. In my in-box was this pitch from Gregory Birge, the managing director of F5 Digital Consulting, complete with him holding his iPad. His media statement breathlessly states: Just arrived three days ago.

According to the PR blurb, Gregory has 15 years experience dealing with consumer electronics products especially 10 years being spent on mobility products at NEC, Packard Bell, Apple and Philips. Said the PR e-mail pitch: He is the first person to launch the iPod in Europe before coming to Asia.

Gregory is quoted as saying the iPad is the most anticipated gadget of the year and it will totally revolutionise the way we deal with computers. I wonder if Apple is one of his clients. 

Said the PR spiel: We hope to invite you to meet Mr. Gregory Birge just to touch base perhaps over lunch or dinner to share more information on this topic as well as other topics such as consumer engagement in the digital world, social networking, augmented reality, consumer marketing.

Experienced marketer

Specialising in consumer engagement, consumer marketing and digital/technology marketing projects, Gregory Birge has apparently had 15 years of involvement in strategic planning, marketing and brand communications with industry leading companies like Apple, Packard Bell, Philips, NEC, Sony Music and Yamaha.

Well, Gregory, I certainly must commend you on cashing in on the iPads mystique and the fact that it is not yet available over the counter in Singapore.

Like most people fascinated with gadgets, I must say I cant wait to get my hands on an iPad to play with. Not that IT geeks have not already had their fun with the buzz generated by this new format gadget. On the Web Ive seen people smash an iPad to bits then put it in a blender (iPad shake anyone?) and even operate it by pouring coffee on the screen.

If you are not yet aware of the iPads strengths and weaknesses (it doesnt have a USB port, cant muti-task, has no camera and wont display Flash videos) you obviously dont read much IT press.

Youve got to hand it to Apple co-founder Steven Jobs; he certainly is a wizard at buzz marketing, backed up by the premium quality design that Apple products have become known for.

I must say its clever for the PR folks to have picked up on this and I congratulate the agency involved for managing to grab my attention with this very cheeky pitch.


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