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Updated: Adobe's Ink and Slide for the iPad finally available in the UK

Michael Burns | Dec. 18, 2014
Adobe and Adonit's Creative Cloud-connected Ink pen and Slide ruler are now available in the UK - and Adonit has now clarified UK pricing and shipping.

Adobe's Ink pen and Slide ruler is now available the UK, five months after they launched in the US — and Adonit has now clarified UK pricing and shipping. They're designed to be used with the iPad and four free creative iPad apps: Adobe Illustrator Line (originally just called Adobe Line), Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch (Adobe Sketch at launch), and Brush CC.

You can watch Adobe's VP of experience design Michael Gough discussing their design in video above (though the units he's demonstrating are prototypes).

Adobe Ink and Slide: UK price

The aluminium tools represent the first hardware devices from the software giant, created in partnership with Adonit, the first company to develop a thin tip stylus for the iPad. Here the UK, Ink and Slide are sold through Adonit — and the company has fixed their checkout to clarify yesterday's confusion about pricing and shipping. Adonit prices everything in US dollars, and the Ink and Slide set costs $174.99 (around £111) without VAT.

Yesterday we noted that Adonit's Christmas information says that it's shipping the Ink and Slide from the UK — so you can still order the Ink and Slide in time for Christmas if you do it this week. However, the wording used when you're buying makes it seem like the products are shipping from the US and you'll have to pay VAT on the way through (and deal with the inevitable delays this causes) — and we suspected that this was due to a mistake in the site's checkout.

Rafael Gomez, Adonit's marketing manager has confirmed that this was due to an error on their part, which has since been rectified — and the Ink and Slide do indeed ship from London, so there's still a couple of days left to order the Ink and Slide before Christmas. The set costs $179.99 plus $13.04 shipping and $35 VAT — for a total of $223.03 (around £142).

Adobe Ink and Slide: What it's for

Adobe Ink, formerly 'Project Mighty' (as in old adage 'the pen is mightier'...) is triangular, 'so it doesn't roll away', according to Adobe creative evangelist, Rufus Deuchler, demonstrating the devices at a London press preview. "It works very like a normal pencil," he added. "But it has Pixelpoint technology, so it's not like one of those devices with a big rubbery tip at the end that are really hard to draw with."

There's one other key difference between this and a dumb stylus — the connected device can copy and paste images via Creative Cloud, sending sketches to Photoshop or Illustrator for further refinement. Ink can also set a custom LED for easy identification, in case you and your teammates down tools at the same time.


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