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6 ways we gave up our privacy

Bill Brenner | Oct. 14, 2009
Here's how privacy went the way of the dinosaur, how we let it happen and how we might be able to get some of it back

Getting back some privacy

The good news in all of this is that there are steps people can take to protect more of their privacy. Educating younger folks on what they are giving away is a good place to start, those polled said. Businesses should steer clear of something like Gmail if they have sensitive data to send someone. And consumers can demand that government agencies crack down on the privacy-stealing practices of private-sector companies.

"The FTC could take on Facebook, Myspace and other sites that target kids the same way they expanded HIPAA's scope and brought online health care databases under their purview," Goel said. "When my government grows up, I want them to be the FTC -- the only national agency that's done anything meaningful about consumer privacy and security in the past decade."


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