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BitDefender offers tool to keep USBs malware-free

Veronica C. Silva | May 5, 2011
USB Immunizer also keeps other popular storage devices safe from cyber threats.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 5 MAY 2011 - Security software firm BitDefender recently introduced a tool to protect USBs and other storage devices from cyber security attacks.

BitDefender is offering for free the USB Immunizer in response to a popular misconception that USBs and other memory devices are free from cyber threats. The tool protects USB drives and SD cards from some of the most common autorun-based malware threats, such as Conficker and Stuxnet.

Conficker is a network worm while Stuxnet as has been dubbed as "the world's first super cyber weapon".

BitDefender said even if the removable storage devices are plugged to an infected computer, the USB Immunizer will prevent the malware from creating its autorun.inf file, thus eliminating chances of it auto-launching.

The tool has an on-off autorun feature that works with removable media, except CD/DVD-ROM devices. Disabling the autorun option prevents storage media from being infected.

Catalin Cosoi, head, online threats lab, BitDefender said: "For several years, we have seen a significant increase in malware exploiting the Autorun technology in order to infect other computers via flash disks. Trojan.AutorunINF has been the world's number one e-threat since the second half of 2009, while the other two representatives of the Autorun family - Worm.Autorun.VHG and Trojan.Autorun.AET - are constantly present in the global Top 10 malware tops.

"Our USB immuniser is a positive, easy-to-use response to this growing issue. It will help users to keep both their storage devices and computers safe."


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