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Bits and bytes now accompany the bullets and bombs

Jeff Bernstein | April 22, 2009
Cyber warfares threat to critical national infrastructure

Cyber-attacks are inexpensive, easy to deliver and leave few fingerprints. Therefore, they will continue to remain a component of modern-day warfare. While countries around the world are in the process of integrating offensive and defensive cyber capabilities into their overall military strategies, the responsibility to protect high-value critical infrastructure targets will remain a significant challenge. Because of this, government and industry need to collaborate to develop protection strategies that carefully consider how a cyber war or attack could affect society and world economies.

Jeffrey Bernstein( senior director of the ASERO Worldwide Information Assurance programme that helps secure critical information assets so organisations can manage the latest security threats. ASERO is a US-based team of international security experts that advises governments and businesses about mitigating security risks in the wake of increased terrorist activities around the world.


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