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Every network can get compromised

Vlad Valceanu | July 7, 2009
Understanding the risk unsecured Internet access poses to your business.

6.    Make sure your security solution supports the e-mail client you use. It will filter most of the spam for you making your life easier. If your security solution doesn't have spam filter or doesn't support your e-mail client, change it.

7.    Don't run files from USB sticks before scanning them with your security solution. Preferably, your security product's resident shield should automatically detect the removable device when inserted and scan it if needed.

8.    Disable the auto-run feature from ALL drives.

9.    If you want to rid at least part of the infection vectors, you could block access to certain websites through the gateway of your network.

10.    Don't rely on end-point security only. Make sure your network gets all the mail served by a local mail server which is protected by a security product designed specifically for the mail server. Also, the Web traffic should be monitored closely.

11.    Don't rely on security products that are based on reactive detection methods only (signatures). If your security solution doesn't use proactive methods of detecting malware (heuristics, virtualisation), change it.

As the threat level for businesses increases, it is clear that security standards have to rise as well. The choice of a security suite is a tough one, there are many capable vendors producing high quality products. Ideally, the choice should be made after careful examination of the threat landscape and how it pertains to their business. For example, if the business is very Web-oriented, a solution with strong protection against Web-based threats should be chosen. One thing is for certain, however: a product which includes advanced proactive detection methods will certainly increase the security of any network.

Vlad Valceanu is the head of Antispam Research at BitDefender. With experience in anti-spam research for more than six years, Vlads main focus is to keep BitDefenders technologies up-to-date, and to maintain a leadership position in the Internet security industry.


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