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Game of Thrones can teach you valuable security lessons

Vincenzo Marsden | Aug. 2, 2016
The web is indeed dark and full of terrors. Here are seven lessons for security managers pulled straight out of Westeros.

7. The Old Gods, Or The New Gods

In Game of Thrones, there are many different religions and gods the inhabitants of Westeros and the seven kingdoms pray to, and everyone seems certain that their deities are the greatest, but who can we turn to for protection in the real world?

From mom and pop small businesses to corporate giants, with each new advance in information technology, new threats arise. From mobile applications to quantum computing, security must develop and adapt in order to cope with the changing times, but how can cloud based security storage handle the massive amounts of data captured without corruption or interference?

“Technology is always evolving. And very fast. This causes a lot of consumer products, whether hardware or software, to be released without having gone through proper security testing as the latter takes time, is costly and could cause delays in product releases which would in turn have a company fall behind competitors,” said Khalil Sehnaoui, founder of Krypton Security, an information security consulting firm. “The future of data protection is safe storage and strong encryption. Safe storage is a wide subject but basically I usually do not like anything cloud based, as we say in InfoSec: Cloud storage is just your data stored in someone else's computer.”

Obviously small to midsize businesses, as well as a majority of single users, have no choice when it comes to using data storage companies as it is cost effective. In that case, those organizations may want to pay extra attention to security practices, redundancy and multi-layer security and encryption procedures.

“Hybrid Data Storage is for now one of the best solutions as it is cost effective, offers high capacity and good manageability. Hybrid Hard Drives mix old Hard Disk Drive (HDD) storage capacity with speedier Solid State Drives (SSD) on a single drive. This allows the most used data to be cached and accessed quickly. Only a small SSD volume is needed to get high performance gains. Booting times are also improved,” said Khalil.

So what is the best solution for companies trying to ensure their data is secure? The best solution it seems is a combination of the old and the new.

From small businesses to big data giants, hybrid data storage, repositories and a better understanding of cloud based security systems will become the new normal.


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