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Keeping billions of dollars in product shipments on the move: TippingPoint

AvantiKumar | Jan. 18, 2010
IPS solution speeds up business for international logistics firm
KUALA LUMPUR, 18 JANUARY 2010 -- An intrusion prevention system [IPS] is keeping billions of dollars in product shipment moving more efficiently, according to network security firm and division of 3Com, TippingPoint.

US transportation and logistics provider Transplace director of IT infrastructure, Scott Engel, said the implementation of TippingPoint's IPS has also improved protection of critical logistics services.

"The core business offering from Transplace is its Transportation Management System (TMS), a proprietary Web-based platform where customers can collaborate on transportation logistics strategy, planning and execution a major endeavour at festive seasons," said Engel. "The IPS from TippingPoint provides organisations with a quick view of weak points on their network and what filters are available to protect them."

"The TMS platform is available to some 500 manufacturing, retail and food and beverage customers worldwide who use the system to move US$2.4 billion worth of product shipments," he said.

There are 15,000 users accessing the TMS at any given time and since our main users are working at all hours, the system must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week," he added. "This is why ensuring service continuity is our number one priority. If a system slows down, or worse is taken offline, it can affect millions of dollars worth of shipments. We needed visibility into the vulnerable areas of our network, allowing us to continuously keep it protected from the security attacks that consume bandwidth and threaten downtime.

 Suitable for Malaysian logistics providers

TippingPoint Malaysia country manager, Ivan Wen, said: Transplace had a great experience with TippingPoint including the quarantine features in the SMS and the up-to-date filters that they received from TippingPoint's Digital Vaccine (DV) service, said Wen.

Wen added that such implementation could also take place in Malaysia, There are hundreds of logistic service providers in Malaysia which operate at all hours, during all days of the year to provide secure, punctual and accurate logistic strategy and planning.  TippingPoint can similarly help them keep close tabs of the vulnerable area of their network visible so as to keep product shipments moving smoothly and trouble-free.

Tipping Point IPS can really help logistic planners speed up the process of determining where the network vulnerabilities and so help to build up the confidence of clients towards our local transportation management companies and establish their reputation with a much more secure network, said Wen.