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Perspectives on Securing the Cyberworld

F.Y. Teng | May 10, 2011
Walter Lee, CEO of the e-Cop Group, shares some thoughts on public education programmes such as Singapore’s first Cyber Security Awareness Day in April.

SINGAPORE, MAY 10, 2011—The CEO of the e-Cop Group, Walter Lee, agreed to an interview with Computerworld Singapore on the occasion of the launch in April of Singapore’s first Cyber Security Awareness Day, which–according to the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, the Association of Information Security Professionals and the Cyber Security Awareness Alliance–is a “nationwide call-to-action to take personal responsibility to ‘Go safe online’” that had as its target the pledge of “200,000 users…to change their passwords” stronger ones, and eventually overshot that with 304,634 pledges.

Lee told us about the place of programmes such as Cyber Security Awareness in the greater scheme of information security education, why e-Cop chose to support it and why everyone should be part of it.

Computerworld Singapore: Talk about e-Cop's participation in Cyber Security Awareness Day.
Walter Lee: The Cyber Security Awareness Day is a timely and important initiative for Singapore as government agencies, businesses and consumers are increasingly interacting and transacting in cyberspace through social networks, portals and mobile networks. Enhancement in cybersecurity will provide better protection to individuals, businesses and government agencies engaged in such interactions and transactions. e-Cop provides services and solutions to government agencies and businesses to enhance their cybersecurity and is delighted to be a part of this Cyber Security Awareness Day initiative. Cybersecurity is indeed a key risk management and business enablement tool and we are glad to be a leading player in this value-chain in the Asia-Pacific region.

How was this year's (the first) edition of the event for e-Cop in terms of gains made in messaging to the public and partnerships struck?
It is certainly an important step in the direction for Singapore as Singapore continues to establish her leadership in the infocomm and infocomm security space. That said, cybersecurity awareness must be a continual effort. Just as in the physical world whereby we need to be vigilant at all times of all security threats, we must be vigilant at all times about cyber-security, 24/7.

How do you expect the relationships you've made at Cyber Security Awareness Day 2011 to shape the way you and the information security community respond to the threats and risks in the short to long term?
e-Cop works closely with all its clients and partners, many of whom are also participants of the Cyber Security Awareness Day 2011. We will go beyond promoting security awareness for that day into a sustained effort in the long term to establish Singapore as an infocomm security hub. e-Cop publishes a quarterly e-Bulletin that features cyber-security issues to raise Cyber Security Awareness on an ongoing basis.

What are your forecasts for the coming year in cybersecurity?
Social networking, mobile commerce, cloud computing, and internet TV are irreversible trends that will put further demands on the need for greater cyber-security.

As an example, in Dec 26, 2010, The New York Times reported that researchers at Mocana, a security technology company in San Francisco, recently discovered that they could hack into a best-selling Internet-ready HDTV model with unsettling ease. They found a hole in the software that helps display Web sites on the TV and leveraged that flaw to control information being sent to the television. They could put up a fake screen for a site like and then request credit card billing details for a purchase. They could also monitor data being sent from the TV to websites.

The report noted that as these devices become more popular, consumers can expect to run into familiar scams like credit card number thefts.

e-Cop has a strong focus on R&D to develop solutions based on our experience in supporting our clients 24x7 in the Asia Pacific region. We will continue to enhance our monitoring services to mitigate risks related to such emerging trends and the associated security threats.

What are your expectations for future editions of Cyber Security Awareness Day?
I foresee that Cyber Security Awareness Day will continue to feature exciting developments in the cyberworld with its corresponding security threats and concerns. As the cyberworld continues its relentless development, e-Cop is fully committed to innovating new products and services to help its clients face those challenges.


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