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Spying defies belief

Mark Gibbs | Feb. 22, 2010
What is it about large organizations that make it easy for them to lose their collective minds? It seems that the news is full of cases of this kind of lunacy that defy belief.

In the annals of dumb organizational moves, this has to rank up there with Apple last year approving the iPhone application "Baby Shaker" for the App Store while turning down scores of other apps for undisclosed reasons. Or how about one of my favorites, All Nippon Airways' "poo before you go" program, an effort to get passengers to relieve themselves prior to departure to lighten the load and save fuel.

These were ill-conceived, badly handled, and the organizations should have known better, and Lower Merion School District is right up there with them.

The result of this idiocy? A class action suit on the behalf of students against the school district and its board of directors. Maybe that will help shed some light on why no one considered the implications of the spying program and if they did, why they didn't speak up. It defies belief.

Gibbs can hardly believe it in Ventura, Calif. Are you as amazed? Tell


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